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Jerald Schreck is an award-winning criminal defense attorney in private practice in Phoenix, Arizona. Prior to entering private practice, he was the supervisor of the Sex Crimes Trial Team at the Maricopa County Public Defender's Office where he practiced for approximately twenty-five years. He has concentrated on the defense of persons charged with sex crimes for over sixteen years. During that time he has been involved in the defense of college students, teachers, medical professionals, law enforcement officers, corrections officers, attorneys, parents, juveniles, group home workers, coaches, religious leaders, athletes, day care workers and corporate executives on a wide variety of sex crimes allegations and cases ranging from child molestation to sexual exploitation of a minor to child sex trafficking. 


Given his experience defending persons accused of sex crimes, Jerald has been recruited to teach sex crimes law and practice trainings to lawyers and law students throughout the state of Arizona. His trainings has been presented to many different legal organizations in Arizona, including Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice, the Arizona Public Defender's Association, the Mojave County Bar Association, the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department, the Maricopa County Public Defender's Office, and ASU's Sandra Day O'Connor School of Law. The sex crimes trainings Jerald has conducted include Sex Crimes 101, the Sex Crimes Defense Conference, An Introduction to Sex Crimes,  Schreck on Rape Shield, Sex Crimes and Punishments, Registration or Regret for Juvenile Sex Crimes Practitioners, a Sex Crimes Primer for RCC Lawyers, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly: What's New in Sex Crimes Law and Legislation, Let's Talk About Sex Crimes, You Do The Math - Calculating the Sentence in a Sex Crimes Case, Chicken Soup For the Sex Crimes Litigator's Soul, and Latest Developments in Defending Sex Crimes. In addition to training on Sex Crimes, Jerald created and annually updates the Schreck's Crimes Sentencing and Sex Offender Registration Chart which has been used by lawyers throughout the State of Arizona for well over a decade.


One of Jerald's special areas of interest is the defense of juveniles charged with sex crimes in adult court. He was one of the lead attorneys on the team that won the first reverse transfer evidentiary hearing pursuant to A.R.S. 13-504 in Maricopa County, and he was the first attorney in Maricopa County to win a Youthful Sex Offender 13- 923 Evidentiary Hearing which resulted in the termination of his client's community notification, lifetime sex offender probation, and sex offender registration.


In addition to concentrating on sex crimes, Jerald has extensive experience over his twenty-five year career in criminal defense representing clients on almost every type of crime that can be charged in the State of Arizona.  He has also taught continuing legal education courses on a broad range of non-sex crimes topics ranging from evidentiary objections to motion in limines  to the voluntariness of a defendant's statement.  Miranda Land, a board game Jerald invented, has been used to teach new lawyers about Miranda Rights Law in Arizona for almost a decade.


Jerald is a known for being an experienced, skilled, honest and accessible lawyer who is always ready to defend his clients. 



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  • Bachelor of Arts, the University of California at Los Angeles, 06/12/1992

  • Juris Doctor, Southwestern University,                                  05/22/1994


  • Arizona State Courts, 10/23/1994

  • United States District Court of Arizona, 02/06/1995



  • The A.P.D.A - Outstanding Performance Award, In Recognition of a Commitment to Legal Excellence & the Provision of High-Quality Legal Representation, 06/10/2010

  • The Sixteenth Annual Joseph P. Shaw Award, In Recognition  & Appreciation of Extraordinary Dedication and Efforts on Behalf of His Clients, 12/01/2010



  • The United States Marine Corps, Corporal,

        09/17/1984 - 09/17/1988

  •  Field Artillery Battery Man

  •  Cold Weather Survival Instructor

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